What is this website for?

Folks use things like lists, boards (Trello or white!), or bug trackers to organize tasks. Others tend to treat their inbox as a job queue or to-do list as well. However, none of those systems are meant for tasks that need to happen again and again.

Sometimes, we don't know how far in advance it would be a good time to do one of those tasks again. It's a hassle to keep postponing the task in a calendar, and if you miss the notification, there is the risk it will never remind us about it again.

After signing up with your email, you can set tasks that should be done every X number of days. The system will remind you when it is time! You can set any task name, description, and interval (every two weeks, etc.). By clicking the link in the reminder email, you can set the next time it is due.

What can I use this for?

Tasks that should not be forgotten too long like calling your mom.

If you call her before being reminded, or she calls you, good for you. The reminder will start counting down from that date, so the reminder date changes. This works for other tasks like:

Tasks that need to happen on a specific day like on Wednesdays, the weekend, or the 1st of the month

No matter when you acknowledge the reminder, the system will keep to the initial schedule. Example:

Where do I sign up?

When you submit your email here, we'll send you a link you can use to start adding tasks: